Friday, June 05, 2009

Join the Peace Corps or be a missionary?

While living in Tonga I (Jen) have had the opportunity to meet several Peace Corp volunteers from America. They are serving in various villages, and we love to talk about life in Tonga and how we sometimes miss American food or hot showers.

I have been told that most Peace Corps volunteers are not Christians. Out of 20 living in Tonga I have only met 2 believers, and they claim to be the only ones. I met these two at church, and try to encourage them regularly because they are very discouraged, claiming to be continually bombarded with ridicule for their faith. Please pray for them.

On the other hand, this is a fantastic opportunity to share God's love with the others! It is wonderful that they have come here voluntarily, to serve the Tongan people. They share that common ground with Christians, to serve and sacrifice for the good of others.
I have started contacting a few of them for casual visits, and hope we can become friends. Hopefully we can all broaden our understanding of faith and the culture we are living in now.

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Emily MacGruder said...

While I agree that Christians certainly are not amonng the majority in the Peace Corps Tonga population, your numbers are a bit off. There are at least 4 of us on this island (unless you mistakenly don't include Catholics in your definition)and others on the outer islands. I can't comment as accurately on them since I don't know them as well. Also with this group I think perhaps there's more to be said for showing how our faith motvates our actions and who we are then outright evangelization. I think the reason some volunteers are so anti-Christianity is because they are tired of feeling like Tongans are evangelizing to them all the time and not backing up their words with their actions.