Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tongan youth

'Osi is gone for a couple of hours today to lead a small group of boys in another village boarding school. 
Its a Christian school, but the boys got into some trouble with the law a couple of months ago for fighting/violence with a rival school.
So they are under house arrest or some kind of punishment, and 'Osi and a few other men from our mission campus always go there on Sunday to encourage the boys.  They break up into small groups to for Bible study and discussion (please pray for 'Osi, for wisdom and an ability to speak straight to the boys about humility, and growing in the Lord instead of revenge and the ways of the world...)
The wonderful thing is young guys are attracted to 'Osi like a magnet, he tells them funny stories, and encourages them, and they just feel the love he has for them.   I see it all the time, and it humbles me.  Reminds me that our ministry in Tonga is not about the programs, but about the people. 
I'm so thankful God has given him such a heart for the young and misdirected boys in Tonga  =) they remind him of himself as a young teenager  =)  
Please join us in praying that God will turn them into great men of God also someday.