Sunday, June 08, 2008

My new home for the next 2 years! (Lord willing)

Why Tonga?

Dear friends, I have some interesting and exciting news to share with you! But I wanted to share it straight from my heart. So as I was praying about writing this letter to you, I felt that I should copy a page of my journal here and let you read it. (Normally I never let people read my journal, but this is a glimpse of my heart.)

April 26, 2008. (my first week visiting the YWAM University of the Nations Campus in Tonga)Lord I am getting close to the people here already, especially the girls...and everyone has been telling me to stay. It’s so tempting because I do absolutely love it here. Everything about this place. But I want to have a sign Lord, 4 signs please? There are too many beautiful places in the Pacific with nice people who have asked me to stay and set up my office for communications. But I can’t stay just because of the people, I need to know it’s from You. There are many great places to live….but I want to be in the best place; in Your will. So I wait for the Lord. My soul waits =)
Driving around the country today with friends (Tonga is roughly the size of Camano Island, so it’s easy to drive around) I was amazed at the beauty of this place. And the beauty of the people. Their culture and traditions are soooo beautiful! For about year now I have been dreaming of coming to Tonga…and I have to say I feel like I’m in a dream. The culture is beautiful.
I know that’s such a shallow reason to stay here. But why not? Really? I never wanted to be an ascetic missionary who feels the need to sacrifice every happiness and comfort thinking I will somehow please God by being miserable! So unless I hear otherwise from You Daddy, I think I will continue to follow my heart and my eyes and my taste and all my senses and exercise my freedom of choice =)
Plus another great thing about this place is they have free offices open and ready for occupation, wireless internet, and cheap rent. It is in an excellent location, in the middle of the Pacific. With great leaders whom I trust.
Daddy, this lifestyle I have been living the past year has been a fun adventure with You. But I am getting tired of moving and transplanting myself over and over and over again. I thank You for giving me the strength and diligence to continue moving and planting seeds, building relationships….but Daddy, now I would just love to settle down in one place for awhile and put down deeper roots. Have sanctuary.
It has been a wild ride and I need a place to just stop and think…to work on all these missions projects I have accumulated. Take a deep breath, focus, and grow deep. I am becoming buoyant, resilient, and a bit surfacey – like a coconut floating on the waves being tossed and drifting…..I’m ready to settle on a beautiful island with some other coconutty’s and put down roots. =)

My Father heard the cry of my heart and by the end of the week I had all 4 of the confirmations I asked for: A Bible verse, a dream, and a formal invitation from the leaders, and also the fact that they let me run around barefooted! So I gleefully accepted, and began filling out my visa application to stay here for the next couple of years.
I am sharing a room with the greatest girl named Suliana. She is so cool. We laugh all day long and all night. Since we live around a lot of families the kids usually spend the night at our place too. Now that I’m part of the Tongan family life I feel free to be myself and have a good time, and we are just crazy.
I tell you one thing, it was great to unpack my suitcase after so many months on the road! The office is a good atmosphere to dive into all my communications projects too. By the way, I plan to post links on my blog to the different websites I am creating for YWAM bases in the Pacific. If you want to check them out please visit my web blog and click on the links. (Just to show that I am actually working here too, and not just dancing and playing all the time =)
Thank you so much for your love and prayers my friend! God bless you warmly and wonderfully as you call on Him - Jeremiah 33:3
♥ Jennifer