Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oh what fun it is to......

Merry Christmas dear friends!!!!
(hmmm I better be careful who I say that to.) Right now I have two Jehovah's Witness missionaries working zealously to convert me.
Every week they come over for coffee and scones, and we study our Bibles. Several translations are strewn across the table as we go through the doctrines step by step.
It's interesting.
I am learning a lot from their approach. I am also very thankful that my church allows me to celebrate Christmas and blood transfusions.
But I feel guilty. Am I leading them on by being so interested in their faith? Meanwhile I'm praying they will come to know the Truth, and relieved knowing I don't have to get angry or superior in flexing my theology… I just have to be their friend and love them, and search for truth withthem. God is faithful, and will show us the way. Please pray for their salvation, they will make wonderful YWAM'ers someday =)
I'm living at home in Washington again this month; doing my missions writing here and trying to raise missions support. My Director strongly suggested I come home, and stay home, until I can raise enough support to pay my rent.
Praise Jesus for the opportunity to share about missions at several homes and churches in Stanwood. Making a big deal out of God is what I love to do, so it has been fun. (Did anyone see Pastor Steve do the Samoan warrior dance for the Camano Chapel presentation??) E lelei le Steve! It was classic, you can probably find it on "" =)
Thank you so much Terry Greer, Luke and Tori Dawson, and Chris Mietes for joining my mission team this month!!
Thank you all friends who have been partnering with me in missions these past four years. I am so blessed to have you on my team. Praise God, we have touched many lives through your partnership. Please remember, I would love to come and visit you while I'm home. I could bring some international dessert and we can talk about missions and your family.
In the meantime, thank you so much for praying for me as I continue to write the stories of the wonderful things God is doing in the world. Please keep praying for my new Jehovah's Witness friends too.
Merry Christmas!!!!
Love, Jennifer
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Here is a photo of me baking Christmas cookies with AWANA girls - so much fun - I love getting involved in AWANA when I'm home.
If you're looking for a good ministry to be involved in locally, AWANA clubs are an excellent way to reach kids for Christ - and they're always looking for new leaders! Here is also a photo of my cute sisters, Emily and Mary, it's been so fun to be with you again for Christmas =)

Thursday, December 27, 2007