Friday, November 16, 2007

Jen? Are you back??

If you happen to see me around Stanwood this week, you may be puzzled.
And justifiably so, since I just sent out a newsletter saying I was loving life and missions in Colorado!
There are 3 possible conclusions one might jump to:
1.) I have a twin
2.) I’ve been hiding out at home all these years, making up stories about the countries and missions I've been in.
3.) My mission director strongly suggested I come home, and stay home, until I can raise enough support to pay my rent.
If you chose option 3 you are cunning and qualified for a free evening with me!
I will gladly come to your home, bringing a tasty international dessert, and share my vision for missions with you!

I hate being pushy and making people uncomfortable - so I may wait for you to tell me you're interested. But I am praying God will stir in the hearts of people a desire to be involved in missions. I absolutely LOVE to share the stories of the wonderful things God is doing in the world and how you can be part of it.
So next time you see me around Stanwood feel free to grab me and be the answer to my prayer! =)
p.s. my new e-mail adress is
and phone number is 360-652-7430