Thursday, March 27, 2008

I helped build this....

This is the stage for the amazing Team Xtreme show that the YWAM body builder men are performing tonight. But I just want everyone to know that I busted out my carpentry skills and helped the guys build this stage yesterday =)
And God created the breathtaking mountain behind it. You could never dream of a better picture for a stage set.

This next picture is of the YWAM Polynesian International guys dancing for the Cook Island World Missions Conference we are videotaping right now.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cook Islands!

Anna and I

Easter Sunday in the Cook Islands!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Solomon Islands

This week we are in the Solomon Islands staying with the YWAM Directors Eddie and Joy and their amazing family…
Eddie and Joy live in the town, but the YWAM missions school is way out in the jungle. It's in the most beautiful village I have ever seen.
It would be such a dream to live in a village with these beautiful people. To build a grass thatched hut up in a tree and live off the land. Work in the garden together and carry our babies on our back...Do tribal dances and eat together at night...Yes, I am 87% sure I will come back here to live someday =)

Tim and Anna are doing great, they are exhausted because traveling to new countries and time zones every week takes a toll. We are making a website for Eddie and Joy.... But we have some time to rest during the day.

Anna and Tim banter all day about who is better Germany or America...and I am trying to learn the Pidgen language =) Today was hilarious, Anna went outside to use the outhouse and came running back into the house yelling "There is a "CRAP" in the toilet!!" She meant to say there is a "crab" in the toilet (which is also strange because we're in the jungle). But sometimes Tim and I misinterpret Anna's German/English.
We were laughing so hard, I thought I would die.
But Anna didn't think it was funny so we went to check it out - and lo and behold there was a giant craB in the toilet!

There are also colossal spiders here, like in Vanuatu. Please pray for my fear of spiders it flares up at all the wrong times. I was teaching at a youth group here the other night and this spider the size of my foot crawled under my chair!

Another highlight of this week was my first chance to drive on the wrong side of the road, stick shift!! It is the rainy season in the Solomons, so there are alot of mud holes in the road....As Eddie was driving us out of the village we got stuck several times and they let me navigate us out while the boys pushed. =)
It was great fun! After all this talk of alligtors and malarial mosquitoes in the mud I was grateful to be on the inside of the truck =)
p.s. Thank you everyone so much for praying for me this week, when you heard the rumors that I had malaria....I was deathly ill for 2 nights but it wasn't malaria. Praise God! Thanks so much for your prayers =)

Pictures of the Solomons