Saturday, May 16, 2015

Live a life of love

For about a year now I have not had any regular ministry responsibility.  After James was born I took a break from volunteering at the preschool, then shortly after that the preschool closed for various reasons....and I kept praying and asking the Lord where I fit in at the mission.  What can I be doing to serve and love people right now, in the season I am at home caring for our young children?

And I felt like the Lord was inspiring me with the following ideas:
(I'm sharing this mostly to encourage other Mom's like me.  Because you may want to reach out in love and serve more but are not sure how...)
* Reach out to the single missionaries on campus, feed and encourage their laundry.
* Write encouragement cards to people
* Love and serve my family well, setting a good example to others watching us
* Pray for and encourage 'Osi in his full-time ministry responsibilities
* Give, when I see a need
* Pray for and encourage all our friends and missions partners in the U.S.
* Help out in the campus kitchen, chopping the garlic because nobody likes that job.  haha
* Plant more flowers around campus
* Help fellow Tongan missionaries write newsletters...
* Pray with people
* Bake and give it away
* Sew things for people, especially mending and hemming for the singles
* Share the word of God with someone - something the Lord shows me during my quiet time
* Sit with another Mother in their home -visit and encourage them
* Babysit another Mom's children
*Take them all out to the park or beach
* Invite people over for dinner
* Bless someone secretly
I guess the more I added to the list I realized these are things I love doing anyway, because God has uniquely gifted each believer with talents for building up the body of Christ.   So my prayer is that God will challenge me to choose one thing off the list everyday, and above all "live a life of love".  Because its not about what we do but the attitude/motive for why we're doing it, right?  =)

"Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.
" - Ephesians 5:2