Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family life

For now we are still living with 'Osi's family while we prepare to build our own little house. They keep passing new laws for land surveying and building in Tonga so we are still jumping through some hoops while saving some pa'anga's =)

So for now we live with'Osi's lovely Mom, pictured here with Isaac and his cousin Vena. As well as 'Osi's older married sister and her 2 babies, his younger sister, a cousin, occasionally our 82 year old Aunt and her only son, along with any number of random family members or village youth who sleep over and eat with us too everyday.

So we have a very full house.
We are all learning alot about sharing. Sharing space, food, clothes, one toilet. Its funny people always told 'Osi and I we would realize how selfish we were after we were married. And we did. Then they said we would REALLY realize how selfish we are once we have a baby. And...we did. But no one warned us how we would REALLY REALLY realize how selfish we are when living together as newlyweds with the baby and the whole extended family in a little house. Wow, God has a great sense of humor. It has been an exponential growth year for all of us. We appreciate your prayers for our house to be filled with peace, harmony, and unselfishness =)

My favorite fruit

It looks like a dragon from the outside, but inside is filled with a sweet lemony custard fruit. Yummmmmm
Just goes to show you can't judge a fruit by its cover.


Sione, the young man 'Osi has been discipling over the past 6 months decided to be baptized. He wanted to show the world his commitment to Jesus, which was a big step for him because Wesleyan church members are baptized as infants and don't see the need to be baptized as an adult after receiving Christ. But Sione took the plunge in symbolically dying to his old life and being reborn in Christ. The wonderful things is he keeps asking us everyday if we can see the change in his life, because he "feels" totally reborn. It is so exciting to see the butterfly emerge from the cocoon. Praise Jesus!