Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to Island Breeze, Brisbane!

This week we are helping the YWAM Island Breeze base in Brisbane. The people are incredible, Waqa and Jade are the Directors over 20+ staff and several ministries.

Tim, Anna and I are helping them by videotaping a Melanesian Leaders Conference this week, as well as designing new advertisements for their ministry.....There are incredible Island Breeze dancers here and they welcomed us by performing this traditional Aboriginal dance, among other island dances.
I am 87% sure I will return and base my own communications ministry here this summer. So I'll leave one of my suitcases here as collateral. =) But I'm still praying about it - you know how funny life is. "Man makes his plans but God determines his steps." Please pray for me, I don't know exactly where He wants me to settle after this trip is over. But at least Tim won't have to keep lugging along my extra suitcase =)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tim killed a kangaroo

So ever since we arrived in Australia Tim has been wanting to see a Kangaroo.
This desire intensified after watching a short video in Wollongong about Kangaroos fighting. (Don't tell Tim I said this but you can check it out on his blog it is hilarious www.theylookliketrees.blogspot.com)
Kangaroos really do box! But they lose the fight against trucks apparently, because Tim and his friends hit one "accidentally" while driving home from our missions picnic.
To see these guys you would think they had won the lottery - man I'll never understand boys. =)
Of all things to do after a missions picnic.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Worshiping with the Island Breeze Sydney Missionaries.

A day in the city visiting the famous Sydney opera house!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

We are in the pool because....

Anna is an amazing photographer.
I tell everyone that even though she denies it.
One of her photography fantasies was to take pictures of beautiful girls in beautiful dresses in a swimming pool....since there happens to be a pool at the YWAM Sydney base myself and 2 of the students here dressed up and fell in the pool...and we had alot of fun.

Because Anna is an amazing photographer =)

God blessem you from Vanuatu!

Vanuatu is a lovely little island full of beautiful, gentle, cheerful people who live in villages.
This week we are staying in a village near Port Vila, at the YWAM missions school. There are about 20 people who live here, including Staff and students.

Tim, Anna, and I are making a short promotional DVD for them. We’re also helping with their website and writing all the DTS student’s stories… I have been teaching the YWAM Staff a communications workshop for 3 days, and they have been teaching me how to play the bongo drums!
There is a prophetess here named Mommy Miriam who
has inspired me daily with her stories of God working in the villages.
She and I have been meeting everyday to pray and intercede for the missionaries and local church…it is such an honor to spend time with this mighty woman of God.

Another highlight came on Sunday when I took a day off to go surfing with the locals! I was hilariously clumsy on a short board. I landed on heaps of coral everytime, so I'm pretty thrashed, but we had a great time!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rooky videographer

Anna caught me working again....I am videotaping Geoff in Vanuatu, the YWAM Director there.
Attempting to create a promotional DVD for them which will be released in August 2008 (?) possibly =)

And then there is me....

This is the photo that goes with my story below =)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our team!

Tim and Anna will be my fellow travelers for the next 3 months! I am so excited to have them on my communications team – taking the Pacific by storm!
God is funny in the way He brings people together. The three of us couldn’t be more different: Anna is the tranquil, efficient, German beauty on our team; Tim is the retroverted, brilliant, pessimist; and I’m the energetic optimist, who is always working on 3 projects at once and feels the need to declare with great joy everything I see in the islands!
We drive each other crazy but we still love each other and function well as a team – praise Jesus! Sadly we do not have a nice team photo that we all agree on yet. So I am publishing the ones that capture our personalities! (Here is the one of Tim and Anna - mine is the one up above)