Monday, December 25, 2006

John the Baptist?!

While prayer walking around Brussels I ducked into a French Bookshop and met this jolly celebrity and his...helper(?)
In Belgium and the Netherlands Santa Claus comes on December 16th to put candy in the children's shoes....
I like that.
Santa comes and blesses the kids, then gets out of the way to make room for the real reason for the season. =) I was raised in a home that hated Santa Claus, believing he steals Baby Jesus' thunder.
When I was little my mission was to tell all my little friends "the truth" about Santa. Sure, they cried their eyes out and hated me for a time, but they got over it so I thought they were better off =)

But you know, as I was reading the Christmas story again, I realized that Santa is alot like John the Baptist!
- stay with me here - especially the one in Brussels. He came to help prepare the way, get people excited about Jesus coming, then said "He must become greater and I must become less".
He loved on people, pointed them to the truth, and then got out of the way for Jesus.
Would that we were all like that Santa.....maybe we should put out locusts and wild honey next Christmas Eve =)