Sunday, June 21, 2009

Excercising our faith

'Osi had a interesting experience excercising his faith lately.
The farmers surrounding our village were burning their feilds, preparing to plant new crops. The other night 'Osi noticed one fire behind the camp was getting larger and seemed to be coming quickly toward our houses.
He noticed one of the staff of our mission running around frantically asking for the Director. 'Osi thought "I don't know where the Director is, but who am I? Who am I in Christ? I know my position as a child of God. I can go ask God for miracles and He will answer my prayers."

So he marched confidently towards the fire at the end of our campus, and said "In the name of Jesus I command this fire to stop by the time it reaches this coconut tree. You will not harm our houses."

Then 'Osi returned to the main chapel building where we were all gathered to have a meeting. During the meeting a few of the girls were watching the fire nervously, saying how worried they were that the fire was coming too close.
But 'Osi told them not to worry, he already prayed about it, it will stop. Most of us kind of laughed at him (sadly) he has such child like faith and confidence in his prayers. But by the time that fire reached the coconut tree, the rain started falling. God quenched the fire and answered 'Osi's prayers. We all have daily opportunities to excercise our faith, are you praying specific prayers in confidence that God will answer?

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