Friday, June 05, 2009

Eating the neighbor’s dog….. and the never ending Easter Celebration

Life is different in Tonga.
The other day I sent ‘Osi to the shop to buy some milk and he came home holding the neighbors dog by the feet, dead. He found it on the road, and guessed a car hit it, so we can cook it for lunch. We’ve been on a tight budget, since the U.S. economy went down our missions support is down 1/3 what it was before. But God still provides manna from heaven! Jehovah Jireh, our provider.
We know that you may be facing a similar struggle right now, so we have been praying for you and your family everyday. Praying you will experience God’s peace and provision for your family. Tongans always tell me how proud they are of being free, they don’t feel pressured by jobs schedules, time, or bills….just free. Just live, and eat what God provides. Dogs are tasty with salt and onions. Meanwhile the building project continues, as we help our Mom finish her house.

Our brother Viliami also came up for a week to help us build the house. Here is a recent family photo.Here in our village ‘Osi and I helped lead the Easter program for the children/youth in our church. We had to be there from 6 A.M. until midnight the whole weekend, so I was squirming like a little kid on the pews. Overall I didn’t contribute much to the program because my Tongan is not fluent yet, but ’Osi was fantastic teaching and preaching. Several kids gave their lives to Jesus, Praise God!!
♥ ‘Osi and Jennifer Halalilo

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