Sunday, May 19, 2013


God has been healing our boys through the use of Tongan traditional herbal medicine. My poor little guys have been sick constantly, since we arrived here, either one or the other has infected mosquito bites and gastroenteritis (diarrhea and upset stomach from new bacteria in the food and water). We love our kids so much, its torture to see them sick like this. However, it was some relief to know the other foreign families here took awhile to adjust too. They shared with me some secrets they learned from the locals who use natural medicine.

I have been so blessed learning from the Tongans how they use leaves and roots and bark to treat various symptoms. Then I smash it up inside a clean cloth, and squeeze the juice for the kids to drink. Most of the time it helps them feel better quickly.
One time I cut my palm open with a machete, and it was gushing blood, but 'Osi hurried and washed it out then squeezed the juice of the la'e fiki leaves inside the cut. I could literally watch the blood stopping and the cut slowly healing! After a minute he covered it with fiki leaves and a bandage, and after a day the wound was closed, and after 2 weeks I had no scar.
It is just amazing how God has blessed Tongans with so many fantastic plants for healing us all!

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