Saturday, November 11, 2006

God save the Queen!

O.k. This may sound a little weird but when I arrived in the London Heathrow Airport I made a bee-line for the bathroom and joyously exclaimed “Yes! They have real western flushing toilets!” My joy was doubled after discovering a sink – with warm water! and soap! And – hark – paper towels! “Oh it's just too much, I am so thankful for this!” I cried to the lady washing her hands next to me. "I bet I can actually drink this water too without fear of strange uncurable diseases right?” “Sure, she replied, edgeing her way to the exit.”

After traveling hither and yon it is nice to be in a familiar culture again. Our mother country England is so charming. I love the people and culture, as well as the amenities of modern civilization....I felt guilty for feeling this way at first. But you know, it's o.k. to be thankful for comfortable things like paper towels!
We're supposed to learn the secret of being content wherever we are right?

The YWAM ministry in London is completely different from YWAM India, because the needs of the people are different. I will post another story about that later, but I just want to say it is beautiful when the body of Christ reaches out to their community in creative ways using their own cultural giftings.

Wouldn't it be boring if we all followed the same model for missions and evangelism? If we all worshipped and fellowshipped the same way? That would be so boring.
I praise God He has allowed us all to live and serve Him in beautiful and unique capacities.

And I praise him for paper towels!
p.s. No, Emily, I have not met Prince William and convinced him that I'm the princess of his dreams....yet.
p.p.s. Here I am sitting next to Buckingham palace.

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