Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back in Mumbai with my girls

After traveling hither and yon across the Indian landscape I have returned to Mumbai, eagerly returning to storytime at the girls home.
Every night from 7-10 I get to take a break from writing, and give the "home mom's" a break. Then "Moma Jen" takes over reading story's, praying, and singing lullaby's with the little girls.

Afterwards I go upstairs for time with the big girls, only we do a little more serious teenage girl "girl talk".
Oh, I love it! It is so fun to get together with girls no matter what culture we're in! We girls just have this unspoken bond - it is so fun to be a girl.

I love being a mentor too. If you have a chance to mentor/disciple young people in your life please do. It's a rich investment neither of you will regret.
Here is a snapshot with a couple of the little girls.

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