Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My very first cross-country roadtrip!

Trekking from Georgia back my lovely home in Washington state taught me a flock of fabulous facts about several midwestern states and truckstops.
Here are a few things I learned:

1. Tennessee is green and georgeouss in the spring, and Nashville is famous for crazyily talented drummers at Belmont University =)

2. Kentucky is apparently the quilting capital of the world. I just happened to be driving through during the quilting festival of the year, where I witnessed swarms of zealous quilters running around toting fabric swatches and selling applique. I was completely enamored.
I even bought a cute little Kentucky quilted apron, because cooking is so much more fun when one is wearing a cute little colorful apron.

3. Never trust a trucker who says there are Jackalopes in Wyoming - it's a lie.

But they truly do have very fine authentic cowboys who open doors for you and tip their hats =)

4. Right now Nebraska has a Rabid Skunk epedemic. Not even joking. =) My friend's dog was bitten by one. It's all over the news, causing Nebraskans everywhere to be on full-alert at a whiff of danger.

5. Missouri truly is the most miserable of all states - this is especially true if you happen to get caught in a 4 hour downpour in the middle of the night, hydroplaning amongst semi-trucks. They say it's the "show-me" state but I couldn't see much through the rain.

6. Colorado - has a great team of YWAM Missionary's at the Youth With A Mission International Communications Network in Colorado Springs where I hope to work someday soon.....

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