Thursday, April 13, 2006


I drove to a synagogue last night in Biloxi to celebrate Passover.
It was my first time celebrating a Passover meal, and it was a beautiful experience. I have always had a heart for the Jewish nation, I love their culture, traditions, family closeness, and just their personality. I believe we're supposed to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and I love them. So whenever I get the chance I try to visit a synagogue to learn from them and worship God with them.
Last night was quite the experience - I had no idea the meal and ritual was so complicated. They had different types of kosher food which we ate ceremonially at different times to represent different sections of the Exodus from Egypt. We would eat a little something and then drink a glass of (dreadful) wine, then sing a Hebrew song, then someone would share a little anecdote or read from the Torah, and then we would eat another bitter herb, sing a song, drink another glass of wine, and tell another was alot of fun. Oh and I was on TV! I guess they had a video camera there because Jean Allgood told me at lunch today that she watched me on TV eating the Passover with the Jews. Between two very fine single Jewish boys, who were very helpful in explaining all the details of the Passover meal and why Yiddish is a legitimate language =) Maseltoph! Too bad I'm leaving Mississippi tommorow - but they will be in my prayers, and I hope yours as well. Shalom my friends!

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