Thursday, April 13, 2006

January 30th - Alligator Hunting!

So the alligators here are called "Caymen", and they live in the swamps and rivers in Trinidad. As soon as I heard about them I started begging the locals to take me hunting, because I plan to experience every source of adventure this Island has to offer! (While continuing on with ministry work which is, of course, the main reason I'm here - just so none of my supporters are worrying about my motives =)
The Caymen hunters refused at first, claiming that Caymen hunting is for big tough men and they weren't going to take some sissy girl along. But eventually I persuaded them.
Whether it was by batting my baby blue's or demonstrating my knife-fighting ability is debatable. In any case I soon found myself tromping through the swamp at night - weilding my AA-flashlight, ready for anything!
We saw several Caymen peeking out of the water. watching us. looking very hungry. making me very nervous. But every time we came withing 15 feet or so - enough to throw out the bait and set a trap, they would dissapear.....
We spent much of the night playing this game before the guys - emphasis on the guys here - gave up.
So, sadly we have yet to catch any Caymen. But I am determined to get one before we leave - and I'll see about getting some Caymen jerky to you through customs, if you want.
Auntie Hazra even promised to teach me how to season and cook the Caymen tail if we catch one.
mmmmm... speaking of cooking =) that has been another major highlight of this trip.
The women have been letting me help them in the kitchen everyday. So they are teaching me how to cook Curried Chicken, and Potatoe Chana, Choka and Roti, Beef/Rice Pilaf, special rice dishes with chicken, spices, and coconut milk, and sweet breads with fruits and coconuts.....mmmm
When I get home you'll have to let me don my colorful little Trinidadian apron and cook you up lots of Trini food. =)
Our ministry and outreaches are still going spledidly.
Thank you so much for your prayers!
Nicole and I actually dropped off the other 10 members of our team at the airport last week, and changed our tickets to stay here until February 2nd. So we've been helping the TTUM missionary's, and different missions teams that come from the States.

We're primarily focusing on how we can help and encourage the full-time missionary's here at the base. Spending the past year as a missionary in Chester has really helped me to appreciate the missionary's for all the daily, less glamorous work they have to do to keep the ministry running, and to cater to short-term missions teams.
So God has really put it on my heart to bring them some cheer and encouragement, and help with whatever needs to be done around here. I am learning so much from them, and am inspired by their steadfast hard work for the Lord.
They have this carefree joy from their love for Jesus (and I think also from all this glorious sunshine that is making me brown as a coconut =) I think Heaven must be a place of constant sunshine, beaches, palm trees, and cheerful little missionary's cooking Roti and Chana and Caymen Stew =)
But I digress.
I should probably go now - thank you for hanging in with me thus far - I'll save my Prison ministry and Steel Pan drum lessons story for next time =)
Until then my friend, God's blessing to you. May you find yourself "Limin' (resting) in His presence" today and always! love, Jen

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