Monday, January 19, 2015

DTS Outreach!

The YWAM Discipleship Training Course is divided into 3 months of classroom lecture phase, and then 3 months of outreach where the students put into practice sharing their faith and loving people with the love of Jesus whom they have come to know so dearly during the lecture phase.
Our DTS staff and students feel God is leading them to outreach in Vanuatu and Australia....however they are still awaiting approval of their visas to travel there. So in the meantime they have begun reaching out to Tongan villages. 

A typical day may start with a prayer meeting, then going out for community cleanup work.  Then door to door evangelism - and a couple of days a week they do a big outdoor evangelism program in the village square.

God has truly gone before 'Osi and the team in their outreach to the villages of Kolomotua and Vaotu'u.  The Holy Spirit has softened hearts of the people, and there have been many open hearts to the gospel and renewed commitments to Christ!

I personally enjoy seeing the love God has given these students for lost and hurting people.  They truly understand that life is not just about them and our own personal walk....God wants us to serve those around us by ministering to their practical needs and their spiritual life.

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