Friday, December 19, 2014

Why pray for patience when you can pray for humor?

Lately I have been asking God to help me face stressful situations gracefully by giving me a fantastic sense of humor.  I think it will be great having the ability to "laugh at the days to come".  So many of my friends (mostly Mothers with small children) say they are "praying for patience".  Praying for patience...Yes, it sounds nice, but what does that mean exactly? 
When I ask God to do something in me I need to be as specific as possible, because I truly believe He will answer in that specific awesome way, so I can give Him credit for it later. 
That said...Lord, please help me to laugh when I discover we're on "Island time" and absolutely nothing happens when and how I planned for it to happen.  Give me great joy, when all of a sudden with no warning, various Tongan relatives show up at our house (Surprise!) and announce they will be staying with us for weeks....or indefinitely.  Gleefully I will receive them, and delight in the way you ALWAYS provide enough for all of us.
Help me to count it all joy when facing challenges in ministry and the occasional back stabbing....Finally, help me not to compare my life to other people who look like they have it easier, because Erma Bombeck says "The grass is always greener over someone elses septic tank."  I am so excited for what today will bring...the good the bad and the hilarious. 

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Unknown said...

Amen! I will continue to pray for you in exactly this way.