Monday, October 07, 2013

That infamous ferry ride!

We were really excited about taking the ferry boat over to Eua island.  For days we were psyching up the kids about it "We're going for a ride on a huge boat to Eua!"
But about an hour into the trip the waters became incredibly choppy and our huge boat was being rocked violently back and forth.  Back and forth...
That sucked all the awesomeness out of the ride as we all began losing our cookies, over and over again for was horrible.
By the time we got to Eua I told 'Osi "I am not leaving this place, there is no way I am taking that boat back in 10 days!  We might as well settle down here and start YWAM Eua, because I felt like I wanted to die!"
10 days later we loaded back on the boat again, but this time God calmed the sea and we sailed smoothly home.
This experience made me so thankful to be living in modern times though.  I have been reading a Biography of John Williams, one of the first missionaries to the Pacific islands.  And he and his wife Mary had to sail for 9 MONTHS from London to the Pacific!
Many of the missionaries on that boat were sick, and some didn't survive the journey.  I'm afraid I wouldn't have,  so I praise God for allowing me to live and serve in the Pacific in the 21st Century.   And thank you Jesus for airplanes!

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