Wednesday, August 28, 2013

God bless our DTS students!

There are four schools running at the YWAM University of the Nations (missions campus) where we are living.  The first school, the foundation and entrance gate for all the other missions schools to follow, is the Discipleship Training School (DTS). 
Osi and I have a great love for the DTS because it is 6 months that can truly change your life.  We have seen hundreds Tongan young people take the DTS and their lives were were are really excited that the campus leaders have invited us to run our own DTS someday.
While 'Osi felt he should take this time to prepare in knowledge and experience, he is taking the Bible School for the Nations course which is 3 months of intense Bible study and memorization and 3 months of outreach.  Where his team will go to Eua (a small Tongan island)  on a mission trip, and also to China for 7 weeks to share the gospel there.
So we are excited for what we are learning now - and at the same time we are wildly excited for the DTS.  The current DTS students have just finished their first month of the school, and they are just the sweetest bunch of kids.  They are working hard from 5a.m. until 8p.m. studying and learning in the lecture hall, and doing special programs in town, plus work duties around the base....but they always find time to stop and play with our kids or sit around on our porch at night to drink coffee and tell us what they are learning.
We just love these guys.
Please pray for them, that God will continue giving them energy and good health throughout this rigorous course.  Please pray for provision, that all of their school fees will be paid.  Also pray for open ears and open hearts to hear and receive all God is speaking to them.  Some of these students will go home in 5 months to bring their new knowledge and experience of God's love and plan to their village....and some will continue training here and go out into the world, like the hundreds of Tongans we have sent before.
Tongans make the BEST missionaries.

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