Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hi ya'all from South Carolina

Hi ya'all and Merry Christmas from South Carolina!
Everythin's peachy keen down here in the south land, our neighbors is fine folk. Momma's been keepin' us real busy workin' round the trailer park. We been rustlin' up the garbage, cuttin' down them trees, and makin' a might purty road down both sides of the trailer park.
Our neighbors is really gonna 'preciate the beautification
Momma and Daddy been started round these parts. N'fact we best make our way over to Miss MaryAnne's trailer for some sweet tea and biscuits. Bring these cookies to the neighbors fore Isaac eats them all!
But we'll keep in touch ya'all! If'n yer fixin' to come out here for a visit let us know and we'll kill the hog and have us some supper.
And ya'all have yerself a right good Christmas, ya hear?

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