Thursday, September 02, 2010

Returning to America to work

This is the beautiful one acre piece of land God has blessed us with in our village. We have been clearing the trees and brush for awhile, to make room for a little house. But we can't seem to save enough money to start building. God is so good in providing our daily bread, and has given 'Osi part-time work to buy more food for the youth coming over for our daily programs. But as our ministry/family grows, we feel we need to have our own house.

So we had been praying for awhile about what to do, when my parents offered to fly us home for our Uncle's funeral.
Our dear Uncle Adrian passed away, and Jen's parents adopted his son Alex. After much prayer, consulting family and ministry partners we decided to apply for 'Osi's greencard to work temporarily.

We were a little ashamed to be leaving the ministry when it had been so fruitful, but 'Osi is a good man and his priority is taking care of his family, making sure we are living in a healthy sane environment. Then we can be free to show hospitality to others.

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