Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Most of the families in our village are subsistence farmers. Meaning most of the food we eat are root vegetables we grow ourselves. So here we are planting kasava for our family. Usually our cousins, friends, and Mom Kelela is with us too. She has biceps and endurance that can put any other farmer to shame, plus a cheerful spirit to keep us all laughing. 'Osi is pretty amazing too, but I'm biased =)
Isaac and I are just the "water boys" right now.
On account of Isaac being too young to tote a hoe, and me being too busy holding an umbrella so he doesn't get sunstroke. It gets up in the 90's some days, and those are the days 'Osi asks if we can bring him coffee!? Whatever keeps you plowing through the fields honey!
The wonderful thing is during their breaks one of the guys will climb up a nearby coconut and cut down "Nui mata" (green coconuts) for us all. We chop the tops of with a machete and drink the sweet, sparkling coconut water inside. It is so amazing how God made the coconut water as a perfect electrolyte balancer. Everything God makes is perfect though, and its great to be on the farm together.

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