Sunday, March 21, 2010

Translation please?

As a missionary to a foreign country it is absolutely necessary to learn the language. I have been trying for the past 2 years but have yet to be fluent in Tongan. Fortunately I have accidentally developed a technique that is working out - my Mother in law has been making me watch sappy Filipino soap operas and translate them to her in Tongan.
As the drama unfolds I try my best to read the English subtitles as fast as I can and translate in strong Filipino emotion. I try to explain who is marrying who's cousin while secretly embezzling money from the family business...and no one would have ever expected that Grandma was plotting revenge.
All the other Tongans in the house laugh and laugh at the whole new story I am inventing. In the end we all laugh and learn, praise God for creative answers to my prayer.

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Ricardo and Andrea Bolanos said...

Jen! That is totally hilarious! I love that you learn more Tongan from soap operas. I've learned plenty of Spanish from watching them, and they are quite ridiculous! And I am glad you guys are doing well!!!