Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is how I am experiencing Motherhood:
For the first time in my life I am willing to sacrifice all sleep, work, vanity, and sanity for this little guy who spends 80% of his time eating and the other 20% pooping.
We have had brief moments of sleep sprinkled over the past 3 weeks, but I fear I am still losing my mind. Last night I told him "ok we're going to pray now for our family, dear God please bless 'Osi and myself and....the baby.
what's your name again?"

Isaac Halalilo, I adore you.

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Rafael and Jasmyn said...

How fun! I remember those first months too. It's wild that now Matías is only 11 months old and it's like I can't remember what is was like to have such a tiny one so defenseless. Yes, I remember sometimes Matías would be so awake at like 3am so I would sing to him and put him in the gym and play and talk to him those 15-30 minutes of alert time before he'd go to sleep or feed again..he he.
Many blessings to you ad Osi And may he guide you both with his wisdom. Many moms and women will have different ideas of how to feed, burp, put to sleep, rock and stimulate your baby. You choose and stick with it. Listen but doesn't mean you always have to take their advise. For me the many opinions was hair-raising for me. Mom would say he's fine and mother and law would say that the breeze from the window might make him sick. God has made you a mother and trust that he has given you the means to be a great one!