Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bula from Fiji!

It’s 8:45p.m. and the youth are starting to gather at the outdoor crusade. They told us it started at 6, but Fiji time is a fluid concept.
I (Jen) was beginning to get bored so I fished super glue out of my purse and began fixing my broken sandal. A few minutes later the pastor called “‘Osi, our guest from Tonga, please come up and share the word of God with us!” I am so proud of him—this is his first time preaching in English to a giant crowd of people.
The message went smoothly, we all laughed at his jokes and shouted “amen!” at the appropriate times. But then he throws a curveball and calls me up to sing a song with him! I have a dangerously squeaky singing voice, and in the excitement of the sermon I had somehow managed to superglue my fingers together, which were glued to my dress, and also glued to my leg. So I awkwardly hobble up to the front, smiling, smiling, extremely nervous.

Thankfully it was a short song, and the Pastor didn't ask me to sing again. (?) But I have all new respect for my husband, having the courage to take any opportunity to share the gospel with one person or a hundred. It reminds me of our Father who invites us to represent Him and serve Him even when we’re awkward, can’t sing well, and glue our fingers together. hehe

We're really enjoying our time in Fiji, while waiting for 'Osi's visa interview on September 15th. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.....we really praise God for opening many doors for us to serve the Missionaries and different villages in Fiji too.

Everyday we have been able to do door-to-door evangelism, youth crusades, prison ministry, helping tons of young Missionaries write their first newsletters.....God is so good, keeping us busy, using our talents. Never a dull moment!
Here's a picture of us with a local youth group we were helping with.

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