Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tragedy in Tonga

Friends, please pray for Tonga. There have been many tragedies happening lately on each of the 3 islands of our kingdom. One of the most terrible tragedies happened this month, when an inter-island ferry the MV Princess Ashika sank killing 93 passengers on board. The victims were mainly women and children who were trapped inside the ship while they were sleeping.
While they were sailing a storm arose and somehow the ship flipped upside down. Many of the men (staying outside on deck) were able to jump ship, but the others were trapped inside when the ship began sinking within seconds.

'Osi lost one of his Uncles, his Mother's eldest brother. So we are mourning for him and all the families who lost loved ones. This is a major tragedy for our country because families are so tighly knit and our population is so small. Losing 93 people in Tonga is relative to losing 237,166 Americans (comparing the population size). So nearly every person in Tonga has lost at least one relative. Everyone is hurting.

Please pray for our people.
(Here is a photo of some survivors returning home)

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