Monday, February 09, 2009

Wedding Photos!!

At last!
I am now Mrs. Faka'osi Halalilo.
We had a beautiful simple little wedding here in Tonga. Please see the Wedding Photo Album on the right side of this page!
Love from Tonga,
Jenni and 'Osi


Rafael and Jasmyn said...


You look gorgeous and soooo happy!! You are a brave girl to grab hold of this new life and way of living with ´Osi. And the reason you can do it is because you have the peace of Christ and the assuredness that this is what He has blessed you with. May your relationship with Christ and as a couple strengthen and grow everyday. May He richly bless and provide for the ministries you have their in Tonga.

Love and hugs,

Heathcote Safari said...

Congratulations Jen! Thanks for the newsletter and I'm looking forward to hearing more about how you are settling in. Hope your family can visit soon :-)

R.Slack said...

Hi Jenni,I just posted some of your Wedding photos on the web-site called LOLO-'a-Halavalu,I don't know if your familiar with it but Sonatane in N.Z. just invited me as a friend and it is a site for ppl in Vava'u I made a page there for Kesomi and myself...hope to see you there... Ofa Lahi Atu!!!Lepeka