Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bula from Fiji!

I just said goodbye to Tim and Anna as they returned to their motherlands....I love you guys and miss you already. But I'm so thankful we shared this missionary journey together! Thank you.

This past week in Fiji has been fabulous!
I visited 3 seperate YWAM ministries in the past 6 days, and everyone has a fantastic story to tell. So I was extremely busy reporting and gathering photos....
Another highlight was reuniting with my old Fijian friends Salote and Uriah!
Reh Reh Vinaka!
They were YWAM staff in Samoa during my DTS, and have since returned to Fiji.
I completely surprised them - we were laughing and crying there in the village...good times. They say Y.W.A.M. stands for You Will Always Move =)
This gives me hope that I will continue seeing the same friends over and over again - so I'll never say "goodbye" anymore just "see you later!"

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