Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bed Bugs and Birthdays

Two very exciting things have happened to me recently!
Last night I learned how to kill bedbugs – Baby powder!
It’s incredible! I have been dousing the kids with it every night when they jump out of the bath, and last night the Thai staff were singing the benefit’s of the stuff – they say it keeps the baby’s dry, wards off malarial mosquitoes, and also kills bed bugs!
So I also powdered myself liberally, plus the mattress, sheets, clothes, headboard (just in case) and awoke bright and cheery this morning bed-bug free!
Ah, it’s the little blessings in life, you know?
The second wonderful thing is that tomorrow is my Birthday, and I am going to ride an Elephant into the Jungle! Ahhh! It will cut into my budget a bit, but I just won’t eat for 2 days or something, and it’ll be worth it.
I’m so excited!
Thank you so much friends for your love and prayers from home!
The Thai military is still staging the coup throughout the country. We see armed soldiers everywhere, but life seems to be peaceful nevertheless, Praise God.
I miss you all, and hope you are well!
Please let me know how I can pray for you - I feel your prayers everyday.
love and later!


Sala said...

Hi Jen,
So good to hear from you...I'm glad you are o.k and praise be to God for everything he is doing in your life!
Happy Birthday Jen, mine was on the 26th so I got to celebrate it with my friends @ Uni, actually my Professors wife organized a separate lunch on the same day, so it was a day of feasting for me, though not @ home to celebrate it the usual way, but I praise God that he planned everything out ahead....
Thank you so much for the thoughts & prayers are with you..thank you for praying for me as well about my studies here...

Bless you & God be with you always..

Sala said...

God bless you Jen & take care....Sala

Ted Holt said...

Hi Jen,well we wish you a Happy Birthday,we hope that you have many more.We miss seeing you around Thomson and Union Baptist.All is going well here the new addition to the Church is coming right along.Please be Praying for "Miss"Linda she has had the shingles and has been in a lot of pain,she is doing much better now she has been on medicine for two weeks.We Love you and Pray that your mission will be caried on while you are away.

In His Love and Ours,
Mr.Ted and "Miss"Linda

Linda Rutter said...

Hi Jen,
Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your elephant ride was fun. But beware! There may be an elephant virus out there: we met a lady in our search for a house who has elephants displayed everywhere in her house; she can't stop buying elephants (it really makes her house look awful). Mike asked her how come she liked elephants so much and she said when she was 19 she had a chance to ride an elephant and . . . so be careful, Love Linda